Field Visits

Field Visits

Occupancy Verification

This is where our clients believe there to be an empty property or persons simply ignoring efforts to contact them. We have the ability through a field Agent visit to carry out a doorstep visit and ensure the property is occupied or not. We are able to provide photographic evidence during the visit and a written report on condition of property.

Our field agents will make discreet enquiries through 3rd parties to try and ascertain information on the previous occupants’ current whereabouts to assist with the locating of their customers.


Securing Vacant Properties

We can secure property either by simply changing locks or if required we can fully secure the property by securing all doors window etc with boarding to prevent further access or vandalism.


Onsite Document signings

Our Field Agents can visit your customers or debtors in order to secure completed signed documents that are otherwise proving difficult to obtain. We guarantee a discreet professional service remembering we are representing our client.
We can obtain the following documents:

  • Insurance claim forms
  • Witness statements
  • Loan application forms
  • Means Reporting forms


Income and Expenditure Reports.

Our Field Agents can complete with a debtor an income and expenditure report which will assist on making a judgement for accepting a repayment plan or potential legal action.


Document Collection Service

Our Field Agents can collect documents from other practises, courts or your clients and have them delivered to your offices.


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